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Children are always being told not to bounce on their beds, but did you know you could be damaging their health by stopping them? In fact for the sake of your own wellbeing you should be joining in.

Ok maybe that’s exaggerating it a little but there have been many studies conducted into trampolining and the bouncing action involved with scientists from prestigious medical journals to NASA looking into the effects and benefits, and all the data collected points to one fact. If you want to be healthy you need to make like Tigger and bounce, bounce, bounce!

So what makes trampolining so good for you? Well if I told you it’s a great form of aerobic exercise you’d probably  be unsurprised and if I said it was as effective as running for burning calories I bet you still wouldn’t be impressed, how about if I claimed it may be the secret to eternal youth, interested?


First off I lied, it’s not just as effective as running, in fact according to a study by NASA 10 minutes of trampolining is equal to 30 minutes of running, it doesn’t have the same damaging effect on the joints running and jogging can have either; it may even help increase muscular strength which can aid in repairing damage, not to mention helping improve coordination and motor skills.

As a form of aerobic exercise it helps increase stamina and lung capacity, but it also gets the heart pumping which in turn gets blood pumping and has the positive side effect of circulating more oxygen to tissue and reducing arterial pressure.

The positive effects of increasing your heart rate through exercise are well documented, helping to reduce the risk of many conditions, including obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and strokes to name just a few.


Ok, so you’re thinking all aerobic exercise does that, I’ll just do some Zumba? Well how about this, studies have shown that the repetitive bouncing action of using a trampoline could be one of the best exercises to circulate lymphatic fluid; a correctly functioning lymphatic system aids in fighting off infection and illness and rids the body of toxins.

There are even arguments that the benefits of regular trampolining could help reduce the risk of some cancers as it helps boost and cleanse the immune and Lymphatic systems.


There is also the effect it can have on our mental well-being, there’s a reason children love to bounce on anything even remotely springy, who hasn’t managed to bounce right off the side of their bed when they were a kid only to get back on and do it again, why did we do that? The reason is simply it’s because it was so much fun and it made us happy!

Why not take that sense of joy with us into adulthood and aid our stress levels; studies show trampolining can reduce anxiety levels and aid relaxation and sleep.


Now you’re sold on the idea of a trampoline and thinking about getting one for the kids, which you can also play on, sorry, exercise on, I bet you have only one more question. What’s this about the secret of eternal youth?

Well you’ve got all those health benefits I’ve just mentioned and you know all about how well trampolining can reduce cellulite? Wait you say, what’s this about cellulite? I did mention earlier that it can help increase circulation of lymphocytes, didn’t you know they aid in breaking down cellulite?!

So let’s sum up what we have, you’re happy and relaxed, with an improved immune and lymphatic system. Your muscles are stronger, your blood cell count has increased, you’re enjoying performing regular aerobic exercise without putting stress on your joints and as well as gaining a toned body you’re reducing cellulite……

Ok it may not be the secret to eternal youth but regularly using a trampoline could be a good start and if it keeps you young at heart, well there’s nothing more important than that.

So go on, have a bounce today you’ll be doing yourself a favour!