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Safety is paramount when it comes to the design of our trampolines

We ensure all designs where applicable conform to EN-71 part 14 the new European standard for trampoline safety; this covers all trampolines used by one person at a time in a domestic environment, regardless of whether the trampoline is being used outdoors or indoors.

It covers the durability of materials (both metallic and non-metallic parts); prevention of (finger, head, neck, foot) entrapment; avoidance of sharp edges, sharp points, protruding parts; strength and stability (of frame, access devices and enclosures) as well as warnings, markings and instructions, it also requires that medium and large above ground trampolines shall be equipped with an enclosure (which is subject to various requirements, this does not apply to In ground trampolines).


We take every care to ensure all our products comply with the above safety standards

But wear and tear can take a toll on your trampoline so we recommend you do the following safety checks every few weeks.

Check the Jump mat for:

Holes, rips or any other signs of deterioration such as loose stiching or sagging

Check the frame for:

Broken or bent sections – these will affect the structural integrity of the frame and as such the trampoline should not be used until they have been replaced

Check the springs for:

Missing, broken or stretched springs

Check the enclosure for:

Rips or holes in the netting and broken or bent enclosure poles

Check the whole trampoline for:

Any sharp edges or pieces

Remember to check under the trampoline for anything that may have blown or been stored underneath, also for anything that may have been leaning against or over the trampoline and remove before use


We also recommend that during the winter months that you dismantle and store your trampoline in a dry area to help prevent weather damage and rust.

In windy weather make sure the trampoline is securely anchored and protected and that the enclosure is removed if possible.

If you have found any damage we recommend that you do not use the trampoline until it has been repaired. If you have any concerns please feel free call our customer service who will be happy to help and advise you.